How to Make Your Farm Sustainable

Agriculture is a critical part of our way of life.

And as we continue to grow our food supply and feed the world, our food is becoming more important to our future.

As a global food system grows and diversifies, so does the need for agricultural research.

To meet this need, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently launched the AgResearchSciences Research Alliance, or ARSRA.

The alliance will offer support for research and development of agricultural technologies, and will provide funding to companies and researchers interested in developing agricultural innovations.

“Our goal is to make sure that farmers are getting the tools they need to manage the risks of climate change, such as the impacts of drought, heat waves, and other natural disasters,” said Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Agriculture Commissioner Michael Arunda, who is a member of the alliance.

The ARSMA will provide $5 million in annual funding for research in areas including agroecology, agrochemical technologies, plant genetics, crop breeding, soil science, crop protection, agronomic and food security, food processing, and agronomy.

In addition, the alliance will provide a $5,000 grant for agroforestry, a $2,000 award for agropastoral research, and a $1,500 grant for agriculture research and technology transfer.

In 2016, the United States received $4.4 billion in agricultural research grants from the US Department of Commerce.

That includes $1.5 billion for research to improve agroforests, and another $1 billion for agri-technology transfers.

And the U,S.

has a $4 billion agricultural research fund that is used to support agricultural research, which is why ARSSA is a good match for the US.

For more information on ARSAA and how to apply, visit the ARSBA website.

To learn more about agricultural research in Maryland, visit our Agricultural Research webpage.

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