Why are some California agricultural checkpoints so dangerous?

The California Agricultural Management Program has been a mainstay of agriculture in the state since the 1930s.

It’s been a major hub for farmers in the United States, and has been linked to at least three deaths over the past two years.

But in recent years, the checkpoint’s role in keeping the state from being overrun with pests and disease has become more and more complicated, especially as the state has become increasingly reliant on imported food.

In addition to its many problems, the checkpoints also have been linked in the past to an explosion of cases of H5N1, an airborne strain of avian flu.

That strain, which has caused severe illness for at least 18 people, has killed at least 21 people and caused a death toll that’s currently over 30,000.

On January 1, the California Department of Public Health announced that it had stopped accepting new vaccinations, citing concerns about the health risks of the coronavirus.

On the same day, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that would force California farmers to get new flu vaccinations by March 15, 2018.

The new law will force farmers to buy new vaccines that will be much harder to acquire.

“There’s no question we’ve got a very, very high risk of transmission,” California Governor Jerry Jerry Brown told reporters on January 12.

“If you’re not vaccinated, then you’re going to be exposed to the virus, and if you’re exposed, you can become infected.”

The legislation is expected to be signed into law as soon as this week, and it’s likely to come with a hefty price tag.

Farmers who don’t buy the new flu vaccine will pay an additional $200 a year in the form of a surcharge to cover the costs of the vaccine.

The surcharge is set to take effect on February 3, 2019.

While it will likely affect California’s most productive and expensive farms, it also will make it more difficult for farmers to maintain a safe level of vaccination coverage.

Farmers already have to go through a rigorous vaccination schedule.

The state’s agriculture department estimates that about half of all farmers who get a flu shot have already purchased the vaccine and will have to wait six months before they can purchase another one.

Farmers are also faced with the daunting task of keeping up with the demand for their product, which can often be extremely expensive, as they can’t easily just purchase the vaccine whenever they need it.

The bill is also expected to add a $30,000 surcharge for farmers who want to sell their produce to retailers or restaurants.

The California Farm Bureau Federation, a trade group representing the agricultural sector, has called the bill a “massive step backwards” in a statement on January 14.

The federation also said that it was worried that the new surcharge would “lead to increased costs for the agriculture industry, further entrenching a health crisis for our farmers and ranchers.”

The California Department for Food and Agriculture (DFA) told ABC News that the surcharge will be applied to the amount of the vaccination administered and not the amount that is administered.

But farmers and health officials have been vocal about the costs involved in getting the flu vaccine.

Farmers across the state are already getting worried that they’ll have to pay a much higher price in the future.

California is a state that relies heavily on imported products like milk and beef.

Last year, farmers spent more than $1 billion on the state’s food and agriculture budget.

It costs about $1.2 billion in the US for every single person who lives in the country, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

The cost of administering the flu vaccination has been especially high in California, as the costs to vaccinate a child can easily reach $4,000 per person.

As the state struggles with a pandemic that has been blamed on imported influenza strains, there are concerns that the vaccination program could become even more expensive.

Last week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the cost of the flu vaccines could top $2,000 for an individual.

But even if that figure is more accurate, the surcharges that farmers will have the option to buy could be quite expensive.

Farmers have been warned that the price will be higher if the surtax increases the amount they can spend on the flu shots.

The price of flu shots has increased dramatically since the coronavalirus pandemic hit California in late 2015.

Since then, the cost for a flu vaccine has gone up by over $20,000, according the Associated Press.

Farmers and health experts are also worried that even though the price of the vaccines are rising, the price farmers will be able to afford will only go up.

California has been struggling to get the flu vaccinations it needs to keep up with demand, as many of its farms have had to close down.

Farmers, who have also lost jobs, are currently struggling to make ends meet.

Farmers also have to work long hours at dangerous jobs,

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