Agriculture clipart wins Innovation in Agriculture 2018 competition

Agriculture cliparts win Innovation in Agri-Foods 2018 competition, and in doing so, create a valuable asset to both the consumer and the agribusiness.

A clipart is a collection of textiles or other printed materials.

They are often a collection, a series of lines, or a series or multiple lines of text.

They can be used for marketing or promotional materials.

In 2018, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched its Innovation in Agricultural Services (IIS) competition.

The IIS competition seeks to create and sustain the future of the agri-food industry.

The goal of the IIS is to increase the diversity and relevance of the supply chain by increasing the breadth and depth of knowledge that consumers have about the agro-ecological solutions.

The competition is open to all interested producers of agriculture-related products and services.

The winning submission will be awarded a grant of up to $500,000 to develop and implement new products, technologies, processes and processes to meet the needs of the agricultural community and its consumers.

To be eligible for the grant, the submission must demonstrate a commitment to innovation in agri­food, including through innovation in agriculture.

The submission must also be a copy of a document from the USDA that explains the objectives of the Innovation in the Agri­Foods program, including the requirements for submitting a proposal.

The winners will be announced at the end of February 2019.

The full submission is available online.

In addition to the award of the grant and a $500K prize, the winners will also receive a certificate of excellence, a certificate to be issued by the IISC (International Society of IISC), a $25,000 award from the IAS, and a certificate from the US Dept. of Agriculture that will be used to provide the US Government a list of companies and programs that have received the grant.

In 2019, the USDA launched the IFSI Innovation in Foodservice competition, which was created to accelerate innovation in the agriculture-food service sector.

The purpose of this competition is to accelerate and support innovations in agriculture-based foodservice services by developing the ability to bring together innovative ideas from all disciplines in the foodservice industry, such as agriculture, agriculture science, agricultural marketing, agricultural technologies, and agriculture innovation.

The winner will be selected in April 2020, and the award will be worth $250,000.

The 2018 IIS winners include: A.B.M.A., the American Beekeeping Association, A.E.M., AgriLife, AgroSciences Institute, AgriTech International, Avanti, Alix Ventures, Aquatic Innovations, Apothecary, Aspen Gardens, Biodesign, Beetspace, Big Agnes, Biomaterials, Biotechnology Innovation Institute, Blue Ridge Valley, Blackbird Farm, Brownstone Farms, Brownfield Farms, Bluebird Farms, Breeds of America, Carbon and Biofuels, Carbon Ridge Farm, Compound, Crop & Mill, Crocidore, Cucumber &Cucumber, Curbside Farm, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), Farmstead Supply, Farmstead Foods, Foodland, Foodworks, Future Farms, Future Foods, First Farm, Farm Fresh, Gourmet Produce, Green River Farms, Green Valley Farm, Humble Farm, Hill Farmstead, Humberto, Ingenuity Farms, Inland Waters, Ironman Farms, Just the Taste, Lilliput Farm, La Bella Farms, Livestock Production, Madison Farmers, Maxis, Makers of Wonder, Merideth Farms, Mycotopia, North American Agri, Ocean Farms, Oxfam, Oxford Farm, Pacific Northwest AgriCares, Prodigies, Prairie Farm, Quakers Farm, Red Rock Farm, Riverview Farms, Royal Biscuits, River View Farms, Riverwood, Rancho De La Cumbre, Red Rocks, Salted River, Salty Frogs, Salter’s Market, South American Farmer, Southern California Cattlemen, Sweetwater Farms, Sunshine Farms, Twin Lakes, Urban Farmer, Urban Growers, Valley Farms, Weyerhaeuser, Weyers Farms, Xpress Produce Inc., Yucaipa Farm,Zachary Smith, and Zagreus are the winners of the 2018 IISC Innovation in Farm &amp.; Foodservice award.

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