Farmer warns of growing food shortage due to drought

A farmer in the United Kingdom has warned of a food shortage if Britain is not able to grow its own food due to the drought.

Farmers across the UK have been told they will be forced to import their produce from the United States if food prices do not rise, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Many British farmers are already facing the threat of losing their crops due to lack of rainfall.

Last month the British government announced it would be closing down some food banks and rationing for up to two weeks, to try and prevent food shortages.

In a letter to farmers in the UK, John Hales, chief executive of Agri-Food Canada, said:”We will be closing our farms in the autumn if the UK does not meet our target of growing 2.2 million tonnes of produce this year.”

If the UK is unable to grow 2.5 million tonnes we will be rationing in the summer and freezing food for those on low incomes.

“We are also cutting the number of seasonal food bank locations in the country, reducing our operational footprint and closing some food distribution centres.”

It is vital that farmers across the country have access to the supply of high quality food, especially in a time of global food scarcity.

“This will be particularly important if we are unable to provide sufficient food for the growing population in 2050.”

The letter warned the UK had not been able to meet its target for the next three years and had now fallen below the international target of meeting the target for 2030.

Farming and farming communities have been under pressure in the last three months to raise food production, which was initially set in 2020.

Some experts believe the UK’s current crop of wheat, barley, maize and oats will be a problem for the global food supply, with prices set to increase due to a shortage of seeds and fertiliser.

Farm producers have already been told that they will have to import more than 30,000 tonnes of their produce this autumn, according to the Telegraph.

Many farmers are still worried about their ability to get enough seeds, fertiliser and pesticides, which are essential to their crop.

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