How to use the Agriculture Department’s database to help you identify vacant land

AUSTIN, Texas — The U.S. Department of Agriculture is asking citizens to help identify vacant agricultural buildings and land in the United States.

The department is looking for the names of vacant agricultural land and structures and the date and time when they were built.

The government agency is asking people to fill out a questionnaire that will be sent to the USDA’s vacant land database by Sept. 14, 2017.

The USDA’s Agriculture Department said it is working to identify vacant buildings and other agricultural buildings that are vacant, abandoned, unoccupied or vacant.

The questionnaire includes a list of all of the buildings that have been identified as vacant, which are listed in alphabetical order.

If someone is interested in filling out the survey, they must contact the USDA in person or by mail.

The vacant buildings include:Abandoned buildings that were previously occupied by livestock.

This includes any buildings or structures that are occupied by a livestock operation.

An example of a barn would be an outdoor pasture.

A building that is currently being used as a warehouse or a temporary shelter, such as a shed.

The USDA is looking at vacant buildings that may be temporary or temporary housing or a warehouse that is being used for temporary storage of goods.

A warehouse that was previously used as an agricultural facility.

A warehouse may be occupied by one or more of the following:Agricultural machinery, equipment, equipment parts, machinery or equipment.

The buildings listed in this category include buildings that:Are currently occupied by dairy cows, pigs, poultry, fish, eggs, or other farm animals.

Are being used to produce food.

Are currently used for grazing or other activities.

Are used to house livestock, cattle, or poultry.

Are owned by someone other than a person.

Are vacant or abandoned and do not have a tenant.

The data submitted by the public will be analyzed by the USDA.

If the data comes back positive, the department will notify the owner.

If the data doesn’t come back positive within six months, the Department will issue a public alert.

The U,S.

Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas said the public may submit the USDA survey information by filling out an online form.

The public can submit the data by clicking here.

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