Farmers’ Union’s annual report 2018 – IGN

The Farmer’s Union (FU) is the national organ of farming, agri-business and farming communities, the country’s largest trade union.

It represents a number of major agricultural businesses and a number on the regional and regional level.

It is not the only national organisation, but it is a very important one.

It has become the face of agricultural development in the UK.

It’s the largest trade association in the world and has been since its founding in 1892.

Its members represent the largest producers, processors, retailers, importers, distributors, retailers and service providers in the country.

Its annual report is published annually by the Federation of Small Farmers (FSMF), the trade body of the UK’s largest agricultural producers.

We’re pleased to present this year’s FU annual report.

Its a great opportunity for anyone who wants to become involved with the farming industry, whether it’s a farmer, farmer’s assistant, farm worker or even an apprentice farmer.

We’ve got a few interesting stories and highlights in the report, so it’s worth reading through them all.

First up, here’s an article from the Farming Today blog, titled “The FU report on the UK farm workforce is great!”.

It reports that “the FU has become a key source of information for policymakers and industry stakeholders, providing an opportunity for government and industry to collaborate on key issues, such as the potential impacts of climate change on food production and the future of farming in the 21st century”.

It’s good to see the FAIR’s “Farmworkers in the United Kingdom” project taking a look at the sector.

It’s interesting that the FAIF sees the need to focus on the farmers, rather than the workers.

The second story is from the Farm Business Network blog.

It looks at the growth of the food industry in the last five years, and what it means for the UK food system.

It includes the findings of a recent study from the British Retail Consortium which found that the number of food processing and retail jobs fell by 1.2% between 2016 and 2021.

It found that over the same period, the number employed in retail sales and food processing decreased by 10%.

The report also looked at the rise in food prices and found that “Food processing and distribution has seen the largest rise in price per litre of any industry in recent years, driven in part by a reduction in the availability of labour to supply processed foods”.

It seems as though the UK has experienced a shortage of labour over the past few years.

However, it is interesting to note that the report found that a combination of “labor shortages and changes in production patterns” were likely to be behind the fall in jobs.

In terms of food services, the report highlights that there are more food service jobs than ever before.

However there is a decline in the number.

It is also worth noting that the UK is not alone in this, as China is also seeing a decline.

It says that “a recent report found the food service sector in China has experienced an average of 10% job losses in the past five years”.

It is worth noting here that the numbers are still relatively high.

“Foodservice jobs have grown by a further 16% since 2014, while the number has fallen by a similar amount over the last decade”.

As the report notes, “a large proportion of the increase in the foodservice industry is attributed to a rise in the numbers of workers in retail, catering and food service, which has accounted for about 15% of the total growth in the sector”.

This is important to note, because we know that the rise of the restaurant industry has helped boost food prices, particularly in London.

The FAIR points out that “food service costs have risen by over 70% since the mid-1990s, rising by 5% in inflation-adjusted terms between 2013 and 2019”.

It also highlights that, while there are currently a number different types of workers employed in food services and delivery, the FAU is concerned that the current labour shortage is contributing to a decrease in the quality of service provided by restaurants and the food chain.

It notes that “in the last few years, there has been a decline of about 10% in the total number of workers required in food service and delivery services.

This compares to the total increase of 8% in other types of service, such the retail and restaurant sector, which have seen a 16% increase”.

What’s the story in 2018?

The second report in the annual report looks at some of the trends we’ve seen over the year.

This includes an increase in job losses from the EU in the financial year and the reduction in food sector jobs.

The third story looks at food processing, the role of the local community and the impact of climate changes.

It reports that the food processing industry has been hit by a decrease of about 2.5% in job numbers in the same financial year.

However, it does note that

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