How to create a sustainable agricultural zone map in Texas

More than 100 miles of agricultural land have been declared “unhabitable” in Texas, which means they can no longer grow food.

The move comes after the Texas Department of Agriculture issued a new assessment of agricultural zones in the state, which showed the state has a wide variety of agroecosystems that are not viable. 

“The current agricultural assessment, released in November, revealed that more than 50 percent of the agricultural land in Texas is at risk of becoming uninhabitable due to inadequate water management, inadequate agricultural research, lack of infrastructure, and other factors,” the state said in a statement. 

The agricultural zone designation system is used in nearly every state in the United States, and in Texas it is the first step in making sure that agricultural land is protected against the effects of climate change. 

It was designed to make it easier for farmers to grow food in a state that is already experiencing a drought and is suffering from drought-related crop losses. 

But many agro-enthusiasts say the designation system misses the point. 

There are a few issues with the new assessment, according to Josh Covington, the author of a book on the subject, the book “The Agricultural Zone Map: A Modern Way to Assess the Future of Food and Agriculture in the 21st Century.” 

The map also is based on the current water use, which is incorrect because it takes into account past use, and the current crop use.

The new assessment also does not include water conservation measures. 

Covington points out that there is a huge amount of land in the Texas agricultural zone that is currently being used for crops that are either already in use or that are expected to continue to be used in the future. 

He also points out how the agricultural zone system fails to account for the amount of water that is being used to irrigate crops and the amount that is going into other areas that are still in use. 

According to Covingston, if the agricultural zones are to be truly sustainable, it is important to know the water use and crop use that will be used for growing crops and other food. 

As a result, Covingson argues, the agricultural area designation system does not take into account the need to protect the land and ensure that water is conserved for agriculture. 

Another issue is that the assessment does not consider the impact of climate changes on agriculture.

Covingsons analysis indicates that, in fact, climate change will likely exacerbate the effects that agricultural systems are already facing. 

What’s more, there is already a drought affecting the Texas landscape. 

Agricultural zones can be created in different ways to help farmers in the event of drought, such as by removing barriers that restrict agricultural growth, or by increasing land cover. 

To create a more sustainable agricultural system, Covesons recommendations include establishing a state agroforestry board to oversee the management of agricultural lands and reducing the use of agricultural water and soil. 

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