When Japan’s Agricultural Ministry says it is ‘agricultural,’ it means the same thing as the U.S.

Japan’s agricultural ministry is using the same word to describe what it is doing to help farmers in the U: agricultural.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Forestry, or AMF, in its annual bulletin on Friday, said it is now “agriculturally agrarian.”

That’s the same way Americans call agriculture “agrarian,” according to the Associated Press.

That is the same as saying that a U.K. farmer is an agricultural farmer.

“We are agrarians,” AMF president Akira Yoshimura told reporters.

“Our aim is to improve the quality of life of agricultural workers, especially those who are working on a small scale.”

AMF’s annual bulletin also referred to the country’s “Agricultural Land Management Plan” as “the nation’s agricultural policy for agriculture and the environment.”

The plan is the basis for Japanese farming laws.

In its last report on the plan, published in February, AMF said it was “the most effective agricultural policy in the world.”

“The goal of the Land Management Program is to achieve the highest quality of agricultural production,” AMM wrote.

“Its implementation will help improve agricultural production and quality of living in the Japanese countryside and in other countries in the region.”

AMM also wrote that it was committed to promoting the “national agricultural policy of Japan” and that the country “is striving to achieve high yields, high productivity, and a high level of productivity.”

The agency is the most powerful agency in the country.

The plan says Japan should strive to grow food production by 2020, the end of the current two-decade-long “global era.”

That goal is not part of the countrys “agri-food” program.

The Land Management Project is a joint project between AMF and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

AMF is responsible for planning and implementing a national agricultural policy.

The ministry is responsible to manage land, which means it manages land and water, and is responsible in many ways for managing the resources of agricultural lands and the water supply.

Japanese farmers are a crucial part of AMF.

AMFs top-line statistics in 2017 were 2.6 billion tons of soybeans, and about 40 percent of the nations soybean crop.

In 2016, AMFs annual report said that Japanese farmers harvested 4.4 billion tons.

AMM’s 2017 report says that the Japanese agriculture industry is the largest in the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for more than one-third of the global market for agricultural products.

AMMF has also set up an international office in Tokyo and has also developed a global “global agro-food alliance” with the European Union.

“The agri-Food Alliance has created an international alliance with the United Nations, which is part of a broader effort to achieve sustainable and inclusive development for the food sector, which we hope will lead to a stronger, more prosperous and healthier Japan,” Yoshimura said.

“Agri-Agriculture is a key element of the Japanese agenda for sustainable development.”

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