Farmers and ranchers can’t seem to get their act together

Farm animals are not happy.

They are fed up with the stress of living in a global warming world and they don’t trust their own animals.

Now they can join a growing number of farmers and rancher in a growing movement to get a more equitable future for their livestock.

The group, called “Save the Animals” has created a new website called “Farmers and Ranchers,” that encourages them to speak out against climate change and other environmental issues.

“The animals are saying, ‘You are destroying my life.

We are all part of the problem, you are destroying the planet,'” said Melissa Guevara, the executive director of the group.

“We need to say ‘Enough is enough.'”

The new website, created in part by former U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, is meant to address that sentiment, and Guegara said that the new site will have more than 300 farmers and landowners joining together to talk about what they think of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

In order to get the group to this point, farmers and ranchers have had to put their political views aside.

“There are people who are very concerned about the climate change impacts on their farm and they say they want to help, but they’re not willing to say that they are in support of climate change,” Guegaras told Business Insider.

“They’re in support, but then they don�t want to go on record as supporting the Keystone XL.

They’re not really in a position to do that.”

She said that some ranchers are hesitant to speak up because they are afraid of getting sued, but other farmers are willing to share their concerns.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the industry and the American public to have a voice and get a handle on this,” Guesgaras said.

The movement started in 2016 with a petition drive by farmers that resulted in over 20,000 signatures.

A year later, a similar campaign by farmers started in Congress to call attention to the impacts of climate chaos on agriculture.

That was when President Donald Trump signed the Keystone pipeline bill into law.

In a statement, the president stated that he believes that the pipeline is necessary to support American farmers and their jobs.

“If this pipeline is built, it will provide energy security for the American people, improve the environment, and allow American producers to export their goods,” he said.

But that hasn’t stopped farmers and other landowners from voicing their concerns about the pipeline.

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling found that more than half of U.K. farmers said that climate change is not an issue that concerns them, and another poll found that nearly three quarters of American ranchers also believe the climate is changing.

“As the climate continues to change, it’s hard for us to be optimistic about the future,” Gubara said.

“A lot of the problems we have in the world are being exacerbated by climate change.”

The new movement, which is gaining traction, hopes to eventually push for a resolution to the Keystone Pipeline in Congress, which could then lead to a vote on whether the pipeline can be built.

“In the United States, the farm is a very important part of our economy and it is one of the few industries that has the ability to protect our health and the environment,” Guezara said, adding that if farmers and rural Americans are willing, that would make a big difference.

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