U.S. grain farmers have a ‘double standard’ when it comes to GMOs

The U.K. is the latest country to ban the use of GMO crops, but it’s not the first to do so.

Read moreAt the same time, it’s a double standard when it come to GMO crops.

Farmers have been planting GMO corn, cotton and soybeans since the 1990s, and it’s an increasingly popular crop with consumers.

And, farmers say, there’s no reason to assume they’re not getting what they pay for.

“Farmers, especially those who grow and sell these crops, are not being compensated enough,” said Andrew Witte, a farmer in the southeastern United States.

“They’re being asked to pay for things that they didn’t ask for.”

Witte is one of the farmers who has filed a lawsuit against the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for failing to adequately address the growing concern over GMOs.

Wrote Witte in a March 8 article for the website AgroWatch:I want the FAO to address the issue of GMO crop production and to put a stop to the practice of forcing farmers to use GMOs.

I also want to be compensated for the work that farmers have done and I also think that we should all pay our fair share.

But, he noted, the FAOs response has been “incredibly slow.”

“The FAO is not doing enough to address this issue,” he said.

So, the case will be heard by the U of T’s Food and Agricultural Legal Centre, which represents farmers in a legal action against the United Nations agency.

The case is expected to last two years.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for damages and legal fees for farmers who have suffered losses and lost crops due to the use and sale of GMOs.

Witte said he plans to spend the next year working with other farmers to fight for their compensation.

He is also hoping to secure a federal GMO moratorium.

For the U-S, the UDA is seeking to overturn the ban and to require GMO crops in the United States to be tested for their safety.

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