What’s the best place to watch an NFL game?

It’s been a while since we’ve had to go see an NFL broadcast, but that hasn’t stopped us from watching some of the games we can.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the two best options available: the Dallas Cowboys and the Indianapolis Colts.

The Cowboys and Colts are both very good teams, but they’re both a little different from each other.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a game to watch, and these are some of them.

First of all, let’s take a look at the Dallas vs. Indianapolis rivalry.

The Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts are in a rivalry that dates back to the 1940s, when the two teams played in the first AFL-NFL championship game.

The game was a blowout win for the Colts, and both teams traded touchdowns to earn a berth in the AFL championship game in 1948.

This rivalry has been around for a while, and it’s been going strong for quite some time.

When it comes to the Colts and Cowboys, it’s pretty much impossible to predict when they’ll actually meet.

So, for the time being, let us put the Cowboys and Indy in a tie.

Here are the numbers on the Cowboys:• Indianapolis has the most wins in the league, but has a total of just two playoff wins since 2009.• The Colts have a winning record in their past seven playoff games.• In the last seven playoff contests, Indy has won 14-9.• Indy is 4-2 against the other AFC teams in their last four games.

The Dallas Cowboys:The Dallas-Indianapolis game is a game that’s pretty standard for NFL games.

It’s always hard to figure out if a game will go down as a tie or a win for either team.

For instance, the last time the Colts won a playoff game was in 2013, but it wasn’t a close game at all.

In that game, the Cowboys won a 34-30 win over the Colts.

The Colts had a chance to win the game, but the Cowboys scored two late touchdowns.

The result of the game was not a tie, but a win, with the Colts scoring 24 points in the fourth quarter and getting the win.

There are plenty of factors that go into a game being a tie like this.

One is how many points each team scores, which can have a significant effect on the outcome.

Another factor is how close the game is.

If a team scores 21 points in their first drive, that’s probably a good indication that they’ll be able to hang on to the lead.

If the Cowboys score 24 points and are able to hold onto the lead for the rest of the third quarter, then they should be able win.

Another thing to look at is how the Colts are playing.

They’ve been a great team in the past two games, but have lost five straight games.

In the two games they’ve lost, they’ve been outscored by an average of 23.5 points.

They also haven’t played particularly well of late.

The only way that they could possibly have a shot at the playoffs right now would be if they played as well as they’ve played this season.

So what’s the story behind this game?

The Colts are coming off a bye week, which means that they’re not in the best of shape.

That said, the Dallas defense and the Cowboys offense has been in great shape all season long.

The last two games in which the Colts were the better team were when the Cowboys had quarterback Tony Romo and receiver Dez Bryant.

The first game was the Cowboys’ last game of the season.

The second game was Romo’s last game.

In both games, they were able to come back from down two scores to win, which was a huge reason why the Cowboys finished the season with the best record in the NFL.

This game will be a must-watch for anyone that loves the Cowboys, and anyone that’s looking to see who will be the better matchup.

The difference between this game and the other two is the Cowboys are playing at home, so there’s more to it than just that.

That being said, this game will probably be a little bit of a homecoming for the Cowboys as well.

The stadium is new and the stadium atmosphere will be similar to what you’ll see on the field.

I hope that the atmosphere on both sides of the ball will be good enough that fans can come out and enjoy the game.

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