When is the end of Greek agriculture?

In recent years, Greece has experienced a string of devastating crop failures and crop failures, including a massive one in 2015 that wiped out more than 20 percent of the country’s agriculture production.

But what if the country had been spared that kind of devastation?

That’s what scientists from the University of Athens and the International Center for Agricultural Research in Rome are looking into, as part of a collaboration called “Sustainable Greek Agriculture.”

The research team is now looking at the potential impacts of planting seeds that can be grown with drought-resistant crops.

In particular, the researchers are focusing on the possibility of introducing drought-tolerant seed from the Mediterranean, the area that includes Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

This will allow Greece to achieve its goal of doubling its production of grains by 2020, according to the Greek Agriculture Ministry.

The researchers are working on the new technology using a genetic technique that has been around for decades.

The idea is to combine genetic engineering and biotechnology to create a hybrid strain of a plant that can tolerate drought.

It is known as a “hybrid corn” that is genetically identical to its wild ancestor, but with different genetic characteristics that help it resist drought.

The new method is an important step toward the development of drought-adapted crops, and the researchers say that this is one of the most important parts of their project.

“It’s very exciting because it will help us in the field and in the lab to make crops that are more drought-resistant,” said Alexandros Zatakis, the lead author of the research.

Zatakis is a Ph.

D. student in agricultural and agroecology and a research associate in the Department of Agricultural Science at the University.

He is also the director of the Institute of Applied Genetics in Agricultural Sciences and the director general of the International Centre for Agricultural Researches.

Zarakis says that the new technique is an effective way to introduce new genes into the plant to make it drought-reactive.

“We need to develop a way to use these genes for drought-preventing traits, but we also need to introduce them to the plants so they can withstand drought,” he said.

The idea of using drought-T tolerant seeds is a very exciting prospect, but it is far from a silver bullet.

“This is not the kind of thing that could be done on a large scale with a single project,” Zatopoulos said.

“If you can make a plant drought tolerant, it could be a very powerful tool, but you have to take it on a small scale to get a long-term result.

We are just looking for the next generation of technologies to bring it to a larger scale.”

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Read moreAbout the researchers: Zatoulis and his colleagues have been studying drought tolerance genes since 2010.

“It is a relatively new technique, and we were looking for new possibilities for using these genes in crops,” he explained.

The team has previously studied the impact of drought on the production of corn in the Mediterranean region.

In 2016, the team published a paper on the topic that included their research.

In addition, the group has also developed an improved version of the gene that helps the wheat plant tolerate drought-sensitive genes.

The research paper says that it was the first to describe drought tolerance in a maize plant.

The team is working on a third study, looking at how drought-related traits affect plant yield and health in maize.

The study is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Biotechnology and the European Union’s Seventh Framework Program.

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