How the Aztec economy collapsed

Aztec agriculture was a lucrative industry and a lucrative one at that, as well as a source of much-needed revenue for the Aztecs.

But it was a system that was doomed to failure, and for decades it struggled to compete with other, more profitable, agricultural pursuits.

Aztec leaders eventually figured out how to produce a crop of maize, which was one of the few things that had been available to them in a relatively poor region.

But by the time of the conquest of Mexico in 1521, the Aztlan empire was in disarray, and the Aztlans had to rely on imported supplies and raw materials.

In an effort to survive, the empire produced large quantities of maize and the rest of its crop.

It had plenty of raw materials to produce these products, but the Aztalans could not use them.

This is why the Aztaicans were unable to compete effectively in the agrarian economy of Mexico.

The economic collapse in the Aztic Empire was a direct result of a series of mismanagement decisions made by the leaders of the empire.

They failed to control their empire in a way that would help them in the future.

In the past, empires in Mesoamerica were divided into three different tiers: The military tier; the administrative tier; and the administrative and administrative-military tier.

The military had all the power and was the highest in the hierarchy.

The administrative and military levels were usually composed of a small number of men, usually those from the military or administrative branches.

The rank and file were also mostly from these three levels.

The Aztec Empire was one such empire.

The first step was to establish a strong army that could protect the Aztuas empire.

To make up for their lack of manpower, the rulers of the Aztek empire established the Aztemas or “Military” army in the 16th century.

The idea was that if they had enough troops to defend the empire, the people of the country would be able to continue to prosper.

It was a very simple idea, but for the time it worked.

The soldiers of the “military” were well trained, and were able to fight well.

However, the soldiers in the military and administrative divisions had limited access to the resources they needed to survive.

As a result, the military was always outnumbered by the other military and the other administrative divisions.

The only way the Aztes could survive was to increase the strength of the military by adding more men to the ranks of the army.

However this did not happen.

The government did not increase the ranks or increase the pay for the army, and this meant that it was no longer necessary for the military to be armed.

The second step was a gradual reduction in the salaries of the men in the administrative ranks.

The salaries of military and other administrative officers were not affected by the reduction in pay.

The third step was the introduction of military education into the military ranks.

In order to maintain the discipline of the soldiers, the leaders promoted those who were the most able to teach and train the men of the other ranks.

Unfortunately, this meant, among other things, that the men trained in military schools were not properly trained to lead their own families.

The fourth step was introducing military reforms.

The most common method of these reforms was to place military officers under the control of the emperor.

However they were also subject to military trials.

The final step was an increase in military spending.

However the military could not pay for all the military expenditures, and so it began to spend less and less.

The results of this were that the military became more and more dependent on the people, and it was unable to maintain its position as the primary provider of food, weapons, and medicine.

This was the end of the economic collapse.

The empire continued to be prosperous until the Aztias empire fell.

The reason the AzTlans failed was because they did not make the necessary adjustments in order to improve the military, and instead allowed the military leadership to continue making all the necessary changes without any accountability to the people.

They did not understand that the economic structure of the world was changing rapidly and they did nothing to stop it.

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