How vertical agriculture can help farmers grow more crops

Agricultural revolution impacts crop production in many ways, but it also has an impact on the environment.

Researchers from Harvard and Duke Universities have developed a new way of measuring and managing that impact by measuring crop production using vertical agriculture.

It is called vertical agriculture and it combines horizontal farming with vertical irrigation.

In this video, Dr. Peter Wittenberg, the David H. Koch Professor of Plant Sciences at Harvard, and Dr. Kevin Gebbia, a professor of soil science at Duke University, explain how vertical agriculture works.

For the researchers, the key to measuring crop output in a vertical farming system is to use crop rotation.

This allows the vertical farmer to keep a steady, constant supply of seeds, and it also means that they can grow a wider variety of crops, which are then harvested more quickly.

The horizontal farmer must still use seeds and water to grow the crop, but the vertical system uses gravity to lift crops up, so they produce less water.

It’s a system that can help grow crops faster, Dr Wittenberger said.

The new method can also produce more yield per acre and more water in a given period of time.

“It’s like using a wheel to get around the terrain,” he said.

One of the key challenges for vertical farming is that it’s very labor intensive. “

So it’s a very efficient way to grow crops.”

One of the key challenges for vertical farming is that it’s very labor intensive.

That means you need to get a lot of seeds out there, which requires lots of labor.

“But you can take advantage of the fact that it takes a lot less water, which can help reduce the amount of fertilizer you need.

So, you can put more money into the soil to help reduce your carbon footprint.”

In order to produce more crops, the vertical farmers must move crops from one area of the farm to another, Dr Gebbi said.

They must then rotate the crop to the next location and so on.

In a typical vertical farming operation, the farmers rotate crops in order to get the maximum amount of seed out of each field.

“So they can get their crop out to as many acres as they want, but they have to have enough seeds to cover the field and to harvest the crops,” he explained.

The researchers found that vertical farming can reduce soil erosion and water use in a horizontal system, because crops can be moved more quickly from one location to another.

The soil is also more stable because the horizontal farmers use less fertilizer, and they can move crops without soil erosion.

“What we found in the study was that this vertical system reduces the amount and the time that it would take to harvest a crop,” Dr Wittgenberg said.

“It makes the soil more resilient, so the soil is able to hold more water and produce more food.”

Dr Wittenber said that the researchers found a clear correlation between crop rotation and soil quality, because rotations reduce the amounts of soil erosion, water and fertilizer required to grow plants.

The researchers also found that rotations also reduce erosion on fields, which was a key finding for the researchers.

“The key finding was that the more vertical you rotate your crops, and the more water you use, the better the soil looks,” Dr Gegbia said.

It also means the vertical farming method can be used to provide a more sustainable, local food system, and that the vertical agriculture system can provide a higher quality food supply for local farmers.

“When you put a farmer in a farm with an irrigation system and a water system, the water is not going to flow through a farmer’s field.

The farmer has to deal with the water that’s coming through their field,” Dr Dreyer said.

When the researchers used a combination of horizontal and vertical farming in a large field, they found that the horizontal farmer could produce twice as much food as the vertical.

Dr Wittensberg said that this result is important because it means that the farming system has the potential to be more efficient.

“If you have a more efficient vertical farming, you could use a more concentrated, more efficient irrigation system,” he added.

“You could produce a more consistent crop yield, which is good for the environment.”

It is not clear how vertical farming could be used in the field, because farmers are required to rotate crops at certain points in the season, depending on the weather.

Dr Gbbia said that if horizontal farming was used in conjunction with a conventional irrigation system, it would be possible to have crop rotation in the fields of farmers with less than 10% of their land covered by a traditional crop rotation system.

“I think the biggest challenge in developing vertical farming for agriculture is not how to do it, but how to design it so that it works,” he told ABC News.

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