How to fix a rural Iowa farm to save money

A farmer in Iowa is making a name for himself by helping farmers in rural areas save money on fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation systems.

A small Iowa farmer is helping the small rural counties of Iowa and Kansas save money by replacing their water systems with solar powered pumps that run on water, and they are doing it in a way that doesn’t require farmers to install any fancy machinery.

The farmer, Dave Molloy, who goes by the nickname, the farmer, started his business, Molloys Solar Pump, in 2012 after a drought that lasted more than a decade forced farmers in his county to ration their water use.

Molloy said the drought had been especially difficult for farmers in the small agricultural town of Des Moines, where there are just over 2,000 people.

Molly Holm, the president and CEO of the Des Moines Water Works, said this year’s drought was the worst in her town’s history, and she’s seen an increase in water usage in the past year.

But Mollay is trying to help farmers who can’t get water from their traditional water source, and he said this summer the system has become more efficient than ever.

Molls solar pumps work like a battery.

The solar energy comes from the sun, which the pump then uses to charge the pump with the energy from the nearby sun.

The pumps is powered by an old diesel generator.

The pump, which Mollys father bought from a friend a few years ago, is about $1,000, and Molly says it’s a good investment because the price of the pump has gone up in the last couple years, but the pump is not going to get replaced, he said.

“If you’re going to have a water system, you’ve got to save water, because water is life,” Mollays son, Jason, said.

The farmers in Mollories solar pumping business, called the Molliers, use the water from the pump to irrigate their fields and provide drinking water to their homes.

The irrigation pumps cost about $15,000 a year, and it’s the farmers who use the money to pay for the system, Molls son said.

The pump was purchased for the farmers by a local business owner who wants to help them grow and expand.

Jason Molloya, a farmer in the Des Mollies, Iowa, area, is helping farmers who need a water source to save on their water bills by using a solar pump.

Jason Molloys son,Jason, works on a solar panel farm in his father’s solar pumping company, Molly Holms Solar Pump.

Jason and his father started their company, which is now a subsidiary of Mollions Solar Pump in 2014, and are hoping to sell the business for a profit.

Jason said that the pump was designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

He said the pumps are very energy efficient, and his company has installed about 3,000 solar panels over the last five years.

“I feel like a lot of farmers are struggling to get water because they don’t have solar, and there are a lot who don’t really have the money or the time to do that, but they’re still saving money,” Jason said.

But some farmers are having trouble finding the right way to use their solar energy.

Merrill, the Des mollys water official, said there are only a few ways that farmers can get water.

He said that many of them rely on the county water agency, the Central Des Moines Metropolitan Sewer District, to provide the water that the farmers need.

He also said the county has a large surplus of water and the pump doesn’t do much to replenish it.

He added that most farmers would like to use the system for their own water needs, but that water conservation is a necessity.

“We do want to do something about the problem of water use in this country, and we’re going after the problem that is a problem that we have in Des Moines,” Merrill said.

Mettel, a Des Molls water official who said that his agency was also working on the issue, said it is critical for farmers to have some sort of source of water.

“We have the most important water system in the country, but we’re not getting the water,” Mettel said.

Mettell said the pump provides the farmers with more water than their local water provider.

“So when they want to conserve water, they can,” Melli, the water official said.

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