How to get the most out of Mesopotamia’s agricultural revolution

An agriculture revolution in Mesopotamian history has made the world’s most fertile land fertile again, with grain production reaching record levels.

As of November 20, 2016, Mesopotamiian farmers have produced more than 40.8 million metric tons of grain and nearly 2.7 million metric tonnes of sugar, according to the Mesopotamic Agriculture and Trade Organization.

The grain production has come from an area that once produced almost no grain.

Since the end of the Ottoman era in the 1920s, grain production had declined due to the decline of the nation’s agricultural economy.

The Mesopotameans are also making a big splash with a new grain export program.

Last year, they exported almost 2 million metric ton of grain, which they say is a 50 percent increase from the previous year.

The wheat and barley crop is expected to be the biggest export for the year.

For the first time, the grain that was exported to Iraq has a name: “Khanush” or “Kanosh,” according to Mesopotamaa Agriculture and Tourism Organization (MAOT).

The name comes from the fact that Mesopotamusan farmers have planted a number of khanush, or sacred trees, and used them to collect rainwater.

The water that falls from the khanushes is collected and stored for use by the agricultural community.

It is believed that the water collected in the khansush is the source of life for the region’s agricultural community and the environment.

The grains are also being sold to foreign markets, and are being processed in the United States and Europe.

According to MAOT, the value of exports is about $5 million, or nearly 1 percent of the agricultural output.

“The Mesoamerican farmers are able to continue growing the crops that they were cultivating in the past, but we have to ensure that our agricultural sector is able to recover and be able to be able feed our people again,” said Mesopotamerican Minister of Agriculture, Nutrition and Food, Ali Azzan.

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