How innovation can help boost the agriculture sector

The agro-industry has seen a surge in growth over the past five years as the global population has expanded and the demand for food has grown.

In addition, the food and food processing industries have seen a huge influx of new entrants to the sector.

These industries are key to maintaining the growth and stability of the agricultural sector.

In order to ensure that the growth continues, innovations in agriculture have to be able to scale and to take advantage of these opportunities, said Dr. Shriram Singh, Chairman of the Agriculture and Horticulture Department, Agricultural Society of India.

The agro sector has witnessed several notable innovations in recent years including using more innovative techniques and practices.

According to Dr. Singh, it is a big challenge to develop a new technology to produce food with as little impact on environment as possible.

The Agro-Technology Council of India (AITCII) is a government body that promotes agro technology development through conferences, workshops and training.

According, the AITC II has hosted over 600 agrotechs across the country since the inception of the body.

This is why innovation in agriculture is important to keep up with the changing times.

The AITc II also supports innovation in the agro science.

For instance, in a recent meeting on innovation in agro, the Agro Science Committee of the AICI-T said that new technologies in agriculture are also a part of a larger trend.

This includes a push for new methods for agro processing, the development of bioreactors and agro agronomic technology.

These are important technologies that will make agro farming viable in a world that is growing ever more hungry.

In the past, there were some areas where agro techs were struggling to compete with global giants such as Monsanto.

However, with the introduction of a plethora of innovations in the past few years, it has made a huge impact on the sector and the country.

For example, in 2014, the number of Indian farmers growing food for the global market hit a record high of over 1.1 billion tonnes.

The sector has also seen a significant surge in investments in agri-techs.

With more and more innovations being adopted in the industry, the country is poised to witness an even bigger boom in the coming years.

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