Why is the corn market depressed?

Farm commodities are down by about 30 per cent this year compared with last year, and many farmers are worried about how the crop will recover.

But a number of factors are at play.

First, the corn harvest has slowed in some areas.

In the northern Great Plains states of Iowa and Nebraska, the number of corn acres harvested fell by more than a quarter.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association, the main agribusiness lobby group in the state, has been pushing to reduce the number, saying the crop has not recovered as much as it should.

Second, a drought has been spreading across the US.

That has caused corn prices to fall, and now that the weather is better, prices are dropping even further.

In the northern states, prices have fallen from $0.50 per bushel last year to about $0 and now to about half that.

And in the central states, they are down from $3.80 per bushell last year.

The result?

Corn prices are falling for many farmers, and the drought has forced some to reduce production.

But farmers also worry that their futures will be at stake if they keep pumping corn into the system.

In Nebraska, a corn crop has been growing for more than five years.

But the state’s farmers are now warning that the corn crop could dry up by 2020, if it continues growing at its current pace.

In Iowa, farmers are struggling to grow enough corn to feed the country, and they are worried that they could lose their crop.

So far this year, Iowa farmers have seen their output drop by about 1.5 million bushels, about 30,000 bushel for every farmer.

The situation is particularly bad in the southern part of the state.

Last year, the Iowa Corn State had about 7.4 million bushes, but this year the number is down to less than 3 million.

The drought has also forced some farmers to shut down operations.

In northern Nebraska, farmers were forced to shut operations this spring, and some were forced into voluntary liquidation in recent weeks.

In Oklahoma, a farmer from Kansas said he had shut down his mill due to the drought, but he has since returned to work.

The situation is complicated by other factors, such as the fact that corn prices have been declining for years, even as corn prices for other crops have been increasing.

For now, the problem is not limited to Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

But there are many farmers who are worried, and others who are waiting for a sign that prices will return to normal.

Farmers are already feeling the impact of a prolonged drought, said Rick Kuklinski, president of the Iowa Agribusys Association.

In Nebraska, Kuklanis office is flooded with calls, emails and phone calls from people concerned about the situation.

He said he has been getting emails and calls from farmers, saying that they are getting worried about their futures.

In addition, Kalkinis office in Oklahoma has been flooded with emails and e-mails from people asking him if the price of corn would go back up again, but that no one seems to be buying it yet.

He said he expects prices to return to $2.50 to $3 per bushen, and he is worried that farmers who had planted corn in the fall might have to do it again, since the crop is starting to dry up.

But he is hopeful that prices could return to the $3-$4 per bushe that they were before the drought started.

In Kansas, a Kansas farmer said he is not worried about his futures, but is worried about the price.

He is trying to increase production so that he can pay for the equipment and feed the cows, but it has been tough.

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