A Russian agricultural business school refused to assist Donald Trump in his bid to win the 2020 presidential election, citing the need for Russian scientists to maintain their national security credentials.

The academy, which has more than a million students and is the world’s largest agricultural business education institution, has been at odds with the Trump administration over its policy toward Russia, with the White House threatening to pull its aid if it did not help to secure a better deal for American farmers.

The American Farm Bureau Federation, the group that runs the school, announced on Tuesday that it was canceling the contract for an internship program, saying it was “confident that the school will be able to continue providing a high-quality environment for its students and staff, without the need to make commitments that would negatively impact the university’s academic integrity and reputation.”

The academy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump said last month that he was considering lifting sanctions against Russia and would visit Moscow later this year.

Trump has been an outspoken critic of Moscow and its leader Vladimir Putin.

In March, he tweeted, “Russia’s foreign minister just stated that his country’s ‘staunch support’ for the United States has nothing to do with Trump.

It is a fact that Russia is NOT our friend!”

A U.S. official said that the Kremlin was looking for a way to “build bridges” between Washington and Moscow after Trump’s meeting with Putin in New York.

The official said the White and Pentagon offices were discussing ways to increase the U.N. sanctions on Russia and how they might be imposed in a way that would not affect the U,S.

position in the region.

But the official said it was unclear whether the White, Pentagon or U.K. sides were ready to move forward with that plan.

The U.Y. government has said that any sanctions on Russian officials that would affect the United Kingdom would have to be approved by Parliament, which Trump has repeatedly said he would not do.

The Trump administration also has said it would not move to cut the number of U.n.

Security Council seats held by Russia.

The British foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, said on Tuesday the British government was considering reducing the number to five.

Johnson, who was among the first European leaders to condemn the annexation of Crimea, said there would be “no political benefit” for the U.,S.

to see Russia “become more isolated” after the vote.

Trump also has been critical of the Obama administration’s decision to cut a $1 billion aid package to Russia in December for agricultural programs.

The United States cut the aid for Russia because it believed the country was “not paying enough” for its agricultural research.

The Kremlin responded that Trump had made “a mistake” by not backing up his claim that Moscow was “killing American farmers” and that the U.’s aid package should be “revised to reflect that.”

The U.,W.,S.,B,T cut aid to Russia, a U. S. official told The Wall St. Journal.

The administration has said Moscow will be eligible for $10 billion of that aid in 2021.

The cuts, which were made during the Obama presidency, have prompted Russian President Vladimir Putin to blame the U for the deterioration of U.,s relations.

The move, however, did not result in a reduction in Russian funding to the U; instead, it has meant more aid from the U to the country.

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