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INFINITI go with new technologies which forms a idea first then discover concept and finally comes with the product. Established in August 2016, we believe in quality, creativity and satisfaction of customers which exhibits our current business growth. We have tie up with more than 50 companies. The combination of research, technology and team work produce our products to be unique.It is also efficient and cost effective. We associate with our clients to forge the real innovation. Our prime projects for industries is micro-controlled based customized projects. We attempt most time of automation in micro controller than PLC.

Main domains : Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Embedded.

Sub domains    : PLC, Sensors, Customized automation, Drives, IOT, Micro-controller based customized commodities, Power supplies.

The company offers training for engineering candidates to develop a career in their field and internships for students.

Providing quality and comprehensive, innovative and better solutions in Automation and control system together with technology expertise and applied to create total system solutions in commercial,industrial and domestic.

To build long term relationships with our customers in improving their business efficiency, reducing their operational costs, optimizing their energy, usage and ultimately increasing their profitability.