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Agriculture is one of the indispensable sectors in India and INFINITI has greatly influenced in the development of agriculture to improve the efficiency and its growth. We give the complete solution for farmers to meet their quotidian problems involved in the agricultural field by automation solutions. INFINITI is mainly focused to provide the simplest way to rectify the problems through automation by advanced technologies.


One of the integral part of INFINITI is automation.Infiniti provides high quality and most consistent products with affordable cost which is one of the prominent challenge in the industrial automation. It facilitates to enhance the product quality, reliability and production rate along with reducing man power and design cost by adopting highly efficient, sophisticated and upgraded integrated technologies and services.


INFINITI deploys several technologies and one among is Embedded which is more reliable and highly upgraded where we can certainly achieve the customized products in wide range. Ranges from simple products to complete automation profiles. INFINITI deals with the Automation of all kind of Mechanical, Embedded and software enhancement to the industries where there is a scope in the fully automatic system requirement. Embedded technology also involves in designing and fabrication of all kind of raw materials. Reducing man power with the help of automation is the motive of our team.

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